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The most advanced packing software in the Fresh Produce Industry.

Receive. Track. Deliver. Designed and built with a passion for the best quality possible. Here are the latest features of the most advanced packing software.

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Import Orders

Fresh Tracking has the ability to import orders directly from purchase orders, relaying this data to all relevant stations - whether it is to pack that order or to create a shelf life report. This eliminates any keying errors and streamlining the process. Beautifully designed with one click.

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Stock Control

All your fresh produce in one spot. Once you have entered your produce into Fresh Tracking a stock list is complied of all varieties in the inventory, making it that little bit simpler to monitor your stock whether  you're on an iPad or Desktop.

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Quality Assessments

Quality reports are designed specifically around each variety of produce and can be completed upon receival, during packing, prior to dispatch, and through-out the produce's shelf life. Providing the ability to take photos on the go and email out with just a few clicks, all fresh produce is monitored from start to finish.


Arrival Assessment


Online Assessment


Retention Assessment


Pre-Dispatch Assessment


Fresh Tracking allows us to re-define the way we monitor and track the quantity and quality of all our produce, resulting in an efficient and thorough QA process. With barcode scanning within an iPad interface, Fresh Tracking allows ease of mobility in monitoring all produce. The result is full traceability from farm to customer.

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